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Style is an impression of your kitchen and your identity. Tividen is a stylish menu boards where wood veneer makes possible a warm and elegant atmosphere.  

Each of these unique menu boards can also be personalised to enhance a stylish presentation and comes with optional Internal Fixings. 
Internal Fixings: Magnet Fix, Corner Mounts, Parallel Bars, Outer Screw Fix, Cord & Eyelet, Clips, PVC pocket.


Wood veneers are an excellent material choice for menu covers due to their clean look and the variety of colours and styles available. A wood veneer is typically made up of a thin layer of natural hardwood, that is then bonded to a stable composite base material.

With more personalisation methods than ever before these items are able to be full colour digitally printed, Lasercut / Engraved with your own branding to suit your venues requirements.

Booklet Product Options

Colour Options
NaturalPine, American Moire Walnut, Moire Oak
Fixing Options
Inner Screw Fix
Outer Screw Fix
Cord & Eyelet
Magnet Fix
Ring Binder 
Corner Mounts
Picture Frames
Parallel Bars
Three View
Triple and Quad Booklet
Artwork Options
Digital printing, Lasercut / Engraving.
Size Options
To Hold Standard Paper Sizes: a5 (5.8 x 8.3 in), a4 1/2 (4.2 x 11.7 in), a4 (8.3 x 11.7 in), a3 (11.7 x 16.5 in), Bill holder
Portrait or Landscape Orientation
Custom Sizes Available

How do I personalize my wooden menu covers?

Your choices of material, color, binding and logo finishes will personalise your menu cover.
Your logo can be added on genuine menu covers as a digital printing or laser engraving method. We offer you a number of different binding options for your wooden menus.

Please check the pictures of the listing to see all options.

What are the sizes of menus?

Most menus are built to accommodate the standard paper sizes of a4. Our standard sizes are A4, 1/2 A4, A5 and A3. Generally, the most popular are A4, 1/2 A4 and A5 due to their practicality. A5 and 1/2 A4 make for great drinks menus and dessert menus with A4 being commonly used for main menus.
Styles include single sheet menus, double menus, triple booklets, and quad booklet choices.

Please check the pictures of the listing to see all options.


What is Engineered wood?

Engineered wood menu cover combines multiple layers of timber and looks very much like solid hardwood.

How to clean Velvet menu covers? 

The best way to clean engineered hardwood menus is with white vinegar in lukewarm water (1 cup per 2 gallons of water). The natural acidity of vinegar helps to strip away dirt and contaminants while being safe for your engineered menus and for the environment.

Excessive moisture can damage wooden menu covers, avoid using steamers, wet cloth, or other cleaning methods that would allow water to seep between the planks and cause warping or other damage. Because this product is made from natural wood the shade may vary for each board. 


What is the price range?

Middle Class


Why It’s Worth It?

Less costly than solid hardwood covers. More resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity than solid wood menu cover.  It's great for modern cafes, bistros, breweries, and tasting rooms, and is perfect for presenting menus, wine lists, and daily specials with ease.


Pieces 20-39 40-79 80-99 100-249 250 (+)
Bill holder €16.26 €14.94 €14.28 €13.40 €12.08
a5 (5.8 x 8.3 in) €23.65 €23.01 €20.77 €19.50 €17.58
a4 1/2 (4.2 x 11.7 in) €23.65 €23.01 20.77 €19.50 €17.58
a4 (8.3 x 11.7 in) €29.56 €28.76 €25.97 €24.37 €21.97
a3 (11.7 x 16.5 in) €44.34 €43.15 €38.95 €36.55 €32.96
SHIPPING €55 - 100 €100 - 170 €170 - 240 €240 - 360 Offer


The prices above in the table apply to menu binders with
- one logo (around 12x10cm) or non-logo
- cord & eyelet, screw fix or corner mounts  

Digital Full Cover tryck A3 €3,29
Digital Full Cover tryck A4 €2,35
Digital Full Cover tryck A5 €1,88
UV-print / Screen print  €3,50
Logo laser print or cutting  €2,50

For additonal cost for other types of binder se the tabell below; 

Pieces 20-39 40-79 80-99 100-249 250 (+)
Screw Inside Binder
2 pcs / menu
€1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5
Vinly Sleevs w. cord
2 pcs / menu
€1,5 €1,5 €1,5 €1,5 €1,5
Ring binder
1 pc / menu
€2 €2 €2 €2 €2


What is the cost of sample making

Bill holder 1pc : €120 + with logo €95.00 
a5 1pc: €150 + with logo €95.00 
a4 1/2 1pc: €150 + with logo €95.00 
a4 1pc: 175 + with logo €95.00 
a3 1pc: 225 + with logo €95.00 
Shipping costs included.

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