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€8,90 EUR

Our popular menu covers are commonly known as Jurby, American or Bistro style menu covers. This high quality menu covers constructed from crystal clear panels, 300-400 micron PVC, high level stitching and cost efficient properties of our incredibly popular Classic range. Our American Menu Covers are available in many different stock sizes and are ideal for a variety of uses in restaurants, bistros, pubs, clubs, cocktail bars, wine bar, cafe etc.

Free prototypes available for orders of 25+ units (only upon request and presents via video)

All of our menu covers are hand-crafted with the finest materials and workmanship.

Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. Se Price list


These American/Bistro style menu holders ,Jurby, are durable and adaptable thanks to their 300- 400 micron crystal clear PVC construction with a stitched Faux leather edge around the outside and down the edge of the pocket. 

Faux leather is one of the best materials for upholstery and is used in a variety of applications across diverse industries. Our faux leather menu covers are designed with your restaurant's unique style in mind. Once you invest in a set of faux leather menu covers, you won't need to worry about them for a long time.

They are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, and you can customize the display to your liking by using them in a variety of ways.

Please check the pictures of the listing to see all options.

Booklet Product Options 

Colour Options
Black, Camel, Tawny Brown, Tan Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Brick Red, Yellow, Green, White, Creamy White
Other Fixing Options
Inner Screw Fix
Outer Screw Fix
Cord & Eyelet
Artwork Options
Hot Foil Blocking (gold, silver, blue, green, white or black, red or )
Size Options
To Hold Standard Paper Sizes: a5 (5.8 x 8.3 in), a4 1/2 (4.2 x 11.7 in), a4 (8.3 x 11.7 in), a3 (11.7 x 16.5 in), Bill holder
Portrait or Landscape Orientation
Custom Sizes Available

How do I personalize my menu covers?

Your choices of material, color, stitching, binding and logo finishes will personalise your menu cover.
Your logo can be added on genuine menu covers as a debossing or laser engraving method.  We offer you a number of different binding options for your menus.

Please check the pictures of the listing to see all options.

What are the sizes of menus?

Most menus are built to accommodate the standard paper sizes of a4. Our standard sizes are A4, 1/2 A4, A5 and A3. Generally, the most popular are A4, 1/2 A4 and A5 due to their practicality. A5 and 1/2 A4 make for great drinks menus and dessert menus with A4 being commonly used for main menus.
Styles include single sheet menus, double menus, triple booklets, and quad booklet choices.

Please check the pictures of the listing to see all options.

 How to clean Jurby menu covers? 

One of the main advantages of using plastic menu covers is how simple it is to clean them. Its vinyl material wipes clean with a damp cloth, soap, and water. After cleaning them, be sure to wipe them dry. So clean them from time to time for health maintenance.

What is the price range?

Low Class

Why It’s Worth It?

Because of its practical design and stylish appearance, the Jurby Menu Cover is a fantastic way to display and preserve your menu. This cover is ideal for restaurants, cafés etc because it has a double-sided clear PVC display. Gilt corners and faux leather trim complete the design.

Pieces  20-39 40-79 80-99 100-249 250 (+)
a5 & a4-1/2 2View Single €8.90 €8.00 €7.36 €6.93 6.65
a5 & a4-1/2 4View Boklet 13.35 12.03 €11.05 €10.40 €9.98
a5 & a4-1/2 6View Boklet 17.35
15.63 14.38 13.50 12.98
a5 & a4-1/2 8View Boklet €22.56
€20.30 €18.69 €17.56 €16.86
a5 & a4-1/2 10View Boklet 29.33
26.40 24.29 22.83 €21.91
a4 & a3-1/2 2View Single 12.01 10.81 €9.96 €9.35 €8.99
a4 & a3-1/2 4View Boklet 18.03 16.25 €14.93 14.03 13.46
.a4 & a3-1/2 6View Boklet 23.43 21.09 19.40 18.24 €17.50
a4 & a3-1/2 8View Boklet 30.46 €27.40 €25.23 23.70 22.75
a4 & a3-1/2 10View Boklet 39.60 35.63 32.78 30.81 29.59
a3 2View Single 16.21 14.60 13.43 12.50 12.13
a3 4View Boklet 24.33 21.90 20.15 18.94 €.18.18
a3 6View Boklet 31.63 28.46 26.19 24.63 €23.63
a3 8View Boklet 41.13 37.00 34.05 32.00 30.73
a3 10View Boklet 53.45 48.11 44.26 41.61 39.94
SHIPPING €45 - 65 €90 - 150 €160 - 240 €240 - 360 Offer

          - Synthetic leather 
          - Substantial 300-400 micron crystal clear PVC 
          - Fitted with corner protectors


What is the cost of sample making

Bill holder 1pc : €120 + with logo €95.00 
a5 1pc: €150 + with logo €95.00 
a4 1/2 1pc: €150 + with logo €95.00 
a4 1pc: 175 + with logo €95.00 
a3 1pc: 225 + with logo €95.00 
Shipping costs included.

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