How do I personalize my menu covers?

Your choices of material, color, stitching, binding and logo finishes will personalise your menu cover.
Your logo can be added on genuine menu covers as a debossing or laser engraving method.  We offer you a number of different binding options for your menus.

Please check the pictures of the listing to see all options.

What are the sizes of menus?

Most menus are built to accommodate the standard paper sizes of a4. Our standard sizes are A4, 1/2 A4, A5 and A3. Generally, the most popular are A4, 1/2 A4 and A5 due to their practicality. A5 and 1/2 A4 make for great drinks menus and dessert menus with A4 being commonly used for main menus.
Styles include single sheet menus, double menus, triple booklets, and quad booklet choices.

Please check the pictures of the listing to see all options.


What is Buckram ?

Buckram P Extra Fantasia is, with a canvas-like feel, an acrylic coated cotton cloth with a paper backing in vellum and a traditional book cloth finish. Utilitarian-chic menu covers made of Bukram P Extra Fantasia in a low-profile design that makes any space more modern. 

Buckram P Extra Fantasia by MANIFATTURA DEL SEVESO, Italy

Buckram Premium, the material is manufactured from cotton, treated with an Acrylic overlay for protection, to give a long lasting and water resistant menu cover.

Buckram Premium by van HEEK TEXTILES, Nederlands

How to clean Buckram menu covers? 

Cleaning your fabric menu covers should be done with plain warm water and, if you must, a few drops of mild detergent mixed with water. After cleaning the covers, be sure to dry them with a soft cloth removing any residue. Do not use harsh chemicals, spray and wipe, abrasives, bleach, etc. These can destroy both covering materials and embossed images.


What is the price range?

Middle Class


Why It’s Worth It?

Hand out buckram covers to your guests for a warm, natural aesthetic that is guaranteed to make them feel at home. This unique luxury menu holder allows you to store your menu cards in a fashionable manner.